49ers meme – 21+ 49ers Memes For The True Fan

The San Francisco 49ers are a much-beloved American football team, named for the California Gold Rush prospectors.

But this means also a lot of haters around, promoting hashtag as 49ers suck. We’ve gathered bellow some 21+ funny 49ers meme and quotes to be enjoyed by the true 49ers fan.

But what it means to be a 49ers fan?

It means you wake up on game day feeling like you are on top of the world.

It means you’re going to have a great day. No matter the outcome, because you’ll be with other 49ers fan, who are just like family. It means an emotional rollercoaster for 4 or more quarters. It means screaming your lungs out on every play till you can’t talk, even if you are watching it at home. It means dealing with the haters on an everyday basis and not letting them get to you.

It means waking up earlier than normal on Sundays and immediately throw your jersey on (red for home, white for the road).

It means high fiving a fellow 49er faithful that you don’t know at all when you see em in public.

It means feeling the anticipation from sunrise to kickoff.

The most important thing is the pride that you feel being a 49ers fan. You know the history, you know the players. You know the bad times and what it means being on top. You know that you have a powerful personal connection with them. Win or lose the San Francisco 49ers have picked you up when you’ve been down. This team has become a part of who you are. We are the Faithful!

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49ers meme

  1. 49ers haters be like …When 49ers Win I be quiet..but when they lose I be talking again49ers meme
  2.  Keep Calm And Love Kaepernick
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  4. 49ers meme
  5. we don’t need the 12th man .. we do it with 11
  6. 49ers meme
  7. If anytime during the football season, I annoyed you, pissed you off or made you cry while rooting for the Niners.. suck it up, princess! We’re just getting started
  8. 49ers meme
  9. The names on the back of the jersey may change but the logo on the helmet stays the same
  10. 49ers meme
  11. 49ers who’s got it better than us…NOBODY
  12. 49ers meme
  13. You started some sh*t.. You know that? Right?
  14. 49ers meme
  15. Save a football! Kick a Seahawk!
  16. 49ers meme
  17. If you’re not a Forty Niners fan…Here’s to you some 49ers meme!
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